How Header Magic Saves Time and $ Creating Graphics

Choose a color or background image.  Add text.  Draw lines, circles or other highlights.  Add a border and round some corners.

You can do this to create great looking graphics for headers, facebook pages or banner ads – all in a few minutes using Header Magic.

Sample Image created using Header Magic

Sample Image created using Header Magic

For most web graphics Header Magic is much quicker and easier to learn and use than alternatives such as photo shop or gimp.

Easy slider controls let you make changes to image and text sizes or rotate them – and instantly view everything you do.
If needed you also have the option to enter values to accurately set image sizes and positions.

You can even make text and lines you draw to partially transparent – so they down completely block out underlying images.

Borders couldn’t be easier – simply check the option and select a width and colour.
You can also use a slider to instantly round corners – locking all or just a couple of them together for speed and accuracy.

Get your copy today.

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