Header Magic - software to create web graphics without image editing!

Save a ton of time and $ creating all your own unique graphics in minutes.
Reuse or combine existing graphics to create new versions at no extra cost.
Simple to use software with no complicated editing produces results in minutes!

Sample Header Magic Image



Header Magic has an extensive library of guides, videos and answers to frequently asked questions.
But if you still have problems or ideas for product improvements then support is available via direct email access to the developers.

Features & Benefits

Header Magic is a tool for creating unique professional looking web graphic images any size and shape.
Existing images can be cropped, rotated and resized to produce stunning Headers, Facebook Banners and other web images.
Customized text and hand drawn lines can be added for extra impact if needed.

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Get your very own copy of this unique brand new software for a one time investment at a bargain price while you can.
The ridiculously low introductory offer price of this software wont last for long.
Very soon the price will go up to reflect the months of development effort and it's real  value of $100s.

�Wow! What a great product - wish I had something like this when I made my first website�
-Mr T, Southampton

Header Magic Features & Benefits

Save $$$

Header Magic will repay your investment the first time you use it to create a Header yourself - instead of paying for professional graphics design work

You will not only start saving money on graphics but also start using more images where they weren't  previously cost effective

Save Time

Create the Header you want in minutes - instead of waiting days.

Instantly see your results and 'tweak' the design to look exactly the way you like.

Nobody else to spend time explaining what you think you want.

No need to accept a design that isn't quite what you want - because you've already tried having it reworked a few times.

Easy to use

No complicated learning curve.

Simple step by step process with intuitive controls allows you to quickly and easily combine images, text and lines to create your very own unique Header, Facebook banners and all sorts of graphics - such as 'Buy Now' buttons.

Reuse existing graphics

Make use of existing graphics - without paying again

Crop parts useful parts of graphics for re-use
Add new text, lines or extra images
Instantly create and use new versions of graphics you own

How does Header Magic work?

Create your first header in minutes - no complicated learning curve

Simple step by step process with intuitive controls allows you to quickly and easily combine images, text and lines to create your very own unique Header, Facebook banners and all sorts of graphics - such as 'Buy Now' buttons.

The following examples should give you an idea of how easy it is to create Headers using Header Magic

Automatic Sizing

Start by choosing a picture or colour as a background image.
Whether you choose to use all or only part of an image, it will automatically be stretched to form a background exactly the size you want.

A single click and drag allows you to use any part of your original background image to create a Header

Cropping can be free-hand or locked to the aspect ratio of your Header to avoid stretching an image to fit your chosen Header dimensions.

Overlay multiple images

Extra foreground images can be added.
Each of these can be cropped, zoomed, rotated and dragged to any part of your Header.
The order parts of overlapping images appear can be chosen at the click of a button.

Add Text

Text in different font styles, sizes, colours, angles and transparencies can be added and positioned anywhere on your Header


You can hand draw lines, such as arrows to draw attention or circles to highlight important Header features. Lines can be drawn in any colour with different widths. They can even be made semi-transparent to avoid hiding underlying text or images.

Transparent Images

Header Magic can use and create transparent images using PNG format image files - as well as more popular JPG format to produce the smallest file sizes.
Creating files using PNG format with transparent backgrounds, means you can create images that appear to be any shape.

Preview or Save Copies of Header Files

Your new Header design can be previewed at any time with the click of a button.
Or  Header files can be created and saved at the click of a different button.


Total time to create this header?
Less than 5 minutes!

Finding images to use for a Header

Images by themselves rarely create good Headers or Facebook Banners.
It's only when you combine them with meaningful text and maybe drawn lines that they start to be 'worth a thousand words'

You can find free to use images from your own photo collections or using Google.
Alternatively buying images from specialist websites, or as PLR, is not expensive - typically a $ or two - insignificant compared to paying a graphics specialist to create headers for you.


Header Magic needs a PC running windows XP (+ SP2),  Vista or Windows 7
At least 1Gb of RAM is recommended.

Sorry, no MAC version of Header Magic available.

Purchase Header Magic

Buy Header Magic now at the ridiculously low introductory price before it goes up to reflect the value, how much time and money the software will save you - repaying your investment the first time you use it.
Your support for months of product development work is appreciated and will help ensure development of other great products in the future.



Developers of Header Magic want you to be happy with your purchase and actually use the software to create graphics for your websites.

Guides are available in a variety of formats:

"How To" guides mostly pdf versions of Power-point presentations

"FAQ", or frequently asked questions - regularly updated to provide answers

"Video Tutorials" - watch how to use Header Magic and discover lots of features

"Header Magic Blog" - contains useful tips and tricks to help you get the most from using Header Magic.

If you still have problems using Header Magic, then please send an email to:
support@headermagic.com together with a full description of any problems you are experiencing and a copy of your latest Header magic's Error Log.
The error log can be obtained by selecting 'View Error Log" from Header Magic's 'View' menu.

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